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We are a software development and consulting organization based in New Jersy, USA, serving clients in United States as well as the Europe & India. Our aim is to deliver high quality, cost-effective information technology solutions for today's dynamic times. Our development and project management services address the needs of corporations and software development companies requiring solutions based on consulting, development and maintenance. 

Our Activities


Our dynamic e-business solutions provide the software development, integration, and management expertise you need to build and integrate new applications and websites with mainstream and legacy systems. The result: a robust e-business enterprise that keeps your company moving at Net speed. 


What we are Offering ?


We have assembled a world-class service delivery team whose expertise and successful track record is unmatched in delivering mission critical, enterprise solutions. They bring together the capabilities you need to deliver successful e-business solutions. Our development team is comprised of industry-leading software architects with expertise in database management systems, application servers, object-oriented systems, CORBA and DCOM, XML/XSL, ASP, Java, security and directory services, data warehousing and extranet services.


Support takes pride is announcing that till date, it has solved over 95 % if non-mission critical problems for its client within 12 hours. We have a dedicated support team of three People, who can be reached at Our support team also boost’s of providing 24 Hour support through their mobile phones when it comes to mission critical problems.

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